Public Night Rallies

Giving hope, transformation and giving dignity and respect to those in need resonated closely with the hearts of each of our three keynote speakers who spoke at the three Public Night Rallies.

Dr Mark Beliles laid the foundations for being called to serve the city through the seven spheres on the first night, 'Birthing in Love', which was a combined rally with the Chinese Track.

On the second night, Joseph Chean spoke on social justice as a 'Bridge of Hope'. In his message, Joseph shared that God has revealed Himself in all spheres of society – as Artist, Parent, Great Teacher, Provider, Creator & Healer, Communicator and King. We are called to fill the earth with the knowledge of God, but each of us – on our own, hold only a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and therefore, we need others along the journey. It is only when we walk with God – the fuel – that we can fulfill the Great Commission in collective obedience. This Great Commission is made up of three strands – the Gospel of Salvation for every person (Mark 16:15); a Gospel to transform every community and people group (Matthew 28:18-20); and a Gospel serve the poor and marginalized (Matthew 25:37-40).

On the final night, Bishop Efraim Tendero challenged all present through his message 'Blessing to Nations' to fully appreciate and arise to our calling as an Antioch nation, as we are like unique keys with the heart of Jesus to bless the world.

The Auditorium was filled to capacity on each of the three nights, and the overflow crowd had to be accommodated in the Concert Hall of the Campus. The first evening was a combined Rally between English and Chinese tracks, and showcased multi-ethnic elements. Drummers of various ethnicities ushered in the first night's Rally with a rousing performance to urge one and all to march to the beat of the Master Drummer and the Antioch Call. A 17-member Mandarin choir accompanied by an erhu (a traditional two-stringed Chinese instrument) player sang beautifully. Subsequently, all voices at the Rally joined in a symbolic 'You Are the Seed' proclamation to underscore the need to be catalysts for Jesus.

The second night featured a musicalette entitled "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", which shone the spotlight on the challenges of urban living, peer influence and the value of care, compassion and friendship.

Children led worship and prayer on the final Rally night, as the call was for the 'transformation of cities'. It was very heart-warming to see the children, lined up on stage to pray for the seven spheres of society, with the call for each of us to go forth into the world. In addition, the realities of the Third Culture kids were also clearly portrayed to encourage participants to play a tangible part in helping them to adjust when they return home to Singapore with their parents from the mission fields.

On each of the nights, a special segment was dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the following persons who have contributed the larger part of their lives to the work of missions within and out of Singapore as well as those who have shaped Christendom in Singapore.

Those who came and sowed in Singapore: Rev Dr Fred Seaward and Rev Dr Margaret Seaward; Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy; as well as a special tribute to the late Rev Dr Rick Seaward.

Those who went from Singapore to sow: Bishop Raphael Samuel and Mrs Michelle Samuel (Bolivia, South America); Dr Andrew Ng & Mrs Belinda Ng (Niger, West Africa).

Those who have impacted our city: Canon James Wong; Dr Bobby Sng.

The extraordinary stories of each of these individuals inspired everyone present at the Rallies, including youth and millennials, many of whom may not be familiar with these servants of the Lord.

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