Children’s Programme

Within the safe and secure premises of Oldham Hall on the ACS Barker Road Campus, 400 primary school children gathered to learn about different aspects of urban life, how to use creative tools to grow in God and to relate more effectively with their friends.

Led by a dedicated group of volunteers, the children very quickly got down to doing many hands-on activities – including doing up storyboards on how to share the Gospel, learning to put love into action, watching cross-cultural videos, finger painting, leading worship and doing cross-cultural worksheets. Some of the children shared their testimonies – including one on how she prayed and trusted God together with her friend. As these testimonies were shared, the children reflected on and wrote down what they learnt.

On what impacted them most, a Primary 5 child's written response was: "I was impacted to know more about the love of Christ. I am a child of God, and to promote world peace, we can go home and love our family. And we need to know if there is someone we can pray for to know God's love."

The Children's Programme concluded with the dedicated teachers and helpers praying for the Lord to use the children like 'saga seeds' to bless others. Each child also held up a 'key' as they dedicated themselves to be used by God's glory.

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