Participants’ Feedback

27-year Lee Wan Xiang, of Trinity Christian Centre said: "This was my first experience in a missions conference. I enjoyed how down to earth the whole experience was, which ironically made it a heavenly one. It was very encouraging to be in the same place with so many who have run the race before me, and are still running. I caught a glimpse of how God is at work, through some of the practical tips and processes shared, and how missions can be done, even in unconventional ways."

Another first-timer, 20-year national serviceman, Jegan said: "I thought it was going to be a ‘the Bible calls us to do missions, go forth’ kind of thing, but it was so much more. I have never been a missions-oriented type, but after hearing people talk about their struggles, successes and ultimately what God has been doing, I was challenged to reach out more. I don’t think I’ve seen so many missionaries come together and celebrate the work of the Lord, and educate others on how to carry on the same way. My personal message from God was clear – I need to take missions much more seriously if I am to call myself a follower of Christ."

For 29-year old En Li, a Ministry Staff with Bukit Panjang Methodist Church, GoForth 2018 was: "…an inspiring two days of learning. I enjoyed the wide variety of workshops. The speakers were inspiring as they had such wealth of experience and knowledge. I think God is inspiring me with ideas on how I could re-look and re-shape my current ministries."

24-year old student Janan Lim loved the COP for the inter-generational discussions. He said: "It gave me insights on what other generations felt as well as misunderstandings they might have about youth and young adults. While many may know that the harvest is plentiful, but workers are few, many still do not know that there are uncultivated lands where there are no sowers at all. I felt God was speaking to me, and He knows that at the right time, He will be more excited than I for me to fulfill my calling and destiny!"

With such a wide selection and so many good speakers, 20-year old student Sarah Ann Wee had a hard time deciding on which workshop to attend. She finally attended Ministry to the Broken Spirit Through Art workshop where she learnt: "We should be observant and sensitive towards those we are helping. Sometimes people react in ways we are not sure how to handle. These are normal people with normal reactions in abnormal situations. Hence, we should treat them like anyone else and expect a normal recovery!"

For 29-year old Joan Alikazin, being a member of the Main Organising Committee for GoForth 2018 has been a ‘wonderful privilege’. She said: "I had a ringside view of God’s vision and heartbeat for missions being planted, and shared in the most creative ways. Seeing hundreds of churches from various denominations and nationalities rallying together in unity, to meet only for one important agenda that is God’s – all challenges and victories that came from Him have been nothing short of humbling and fulfilling. What a mighty God we serve!"

48-year old Dolly Leong is all ready to go forth. What did she love best about GoForth 2018? And what were her takeaways? "I loved that GoForth 2018 mobilised everyone into one location to show that mission is what the Great Commission has given to every single one of us. My takeaways? See and reach out to the "invisible people" in our midst – like our foreign workers. They could be the ones bringing the Good News back to their own country. Live out God’s values in an ungodly world. Our workplace is a harvest field too – how we live our lives is the best testimony of God’s transformational love. I’m also glad to learn that various churches have used the digital space and digital media for outreach – I think it’s time for me to step up my game and harvest in cyber space!"

This was the first GoForth for 50-year old Shirley Yeng of Wesley Methodist Church who runs her own translation company. She said: "I believe God is telling me not to be afraid if one day he were to call me, he surely would equip me. Never think I am not good enough. I attended the workshop, Improving the Living Conditions of the Urban Poor. I realised that bearing witness for Christ has to start with myself wanting to know God deeper. Only then can I bear witness effectively for him when opportunity comes for me to share Christ with the needy who are curious why we have the peace and joy in the midst of chaos. Also, don't rush, one person at a time. It’s not always we will see mass evangelism or conversion. It takes time and it is important to build trustworthy interpersonal relationships first."

For two youth, 19-year old Jane Zhou of Renewal Christian Church, and 22-year old Sean Teo of Zion Bishan Bible Presbyterian Church – God really opened their eyes to His amazing work. Jane said: "I gained a clearer view of the issues, needs, and some possible strategies encircling missions. Most importantly, I heard personally from the Lord, and gained a better understanding of His heart. God really used GoForth to feed my mind and my heart! Thank God for the experience!"

Sean was equally challenged: "I was so inspired by ordinary people achieving the extraordinary, simply because they heeded His call and trusted Him to provide and equip. The interaction with my fellow educators was insightful and encouraging, and it challenged me to be intentional about doing missions as an educator, even in our local context where so many lives still need to be touched by the love of Jesus."

52-year old Tan Seang Pin of Operation Mobilization said: "I was impressed by the relevance and currency of the topics (urban, social justice, business-as-mission, marketplace mission, digital age) and I was heartened to see many young people attend. I liked the cosiness of the venue (not fancy but functional - just like mission!). I was particularly encouraged to observe that many of the best presenters and speakers who were passionate and on the cutting edge of mission, were Singaporeans! I appreciated the modelling that you don't have to be an "official" missionary to be engaged on the frontline of mission work (many of these excellent presenters were not traditional missionaries). What I personally learned was that it is possible to be more than an armchair hand-wringer on social justice issues - I was challenged that I can and should take action!"

22-year student Benjamin Lee was a volunteer photographer at GoForth. He shared: "My main takeaways is that I need to seek God for help to discern and understand what the issues really are, as I usually take them at face value. I also need to accept wholeheartedly whatever God has planned for me, and the importance of loving my neighbours. God is also trying to tell me to be patient, and to reconcile and reconnect with my neighbours with His guidance."

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