Circles Of Passion
  • These are lunchtime discussions on a topic that you are passionate about with like-minded participants and specialist speakers / facilitators to be further empowered and enriched, with the possibility of long term collaboration and networking.
  • Choose from 12 different topics to participate in one per Conference Day.
  • Each Circle of Passion is limited to maximum of 60 participants.
S/No. Title Description
1 Fanning Urban Discipleship How can we effectively fan discipleship in urban contexts where the inhabitants face competing needs, challenges and cross-cultural sensitivities? Come interact with others to empower one another to be wise disciple-makers.
2 Developing a Viral Church How do we develop and grow a church which constantly multiplies yet is soundly rooted in the foundations of God’s Word? Come share with and learn from others including practitioners the best practices to birth and nurture a viral church.
3 Voice for the Voiceless Stand up and be counted! Be an advocate for the many who are betrayed, abused and face social injustices such as sexual and labour exploitation, human trafficking, etc. Come engage with other like-minded persons including practitioners as you arise to be a voice for the voiceless!
4 Caring for the Broken and the Invisible How can we best care for the forgotten, broken and marginalized, those who have been isolated from community and stigmatized by society? As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, how can we be more effective in our outreach to these special groups? Come join us in an interactive exchange of practical views and on-the-ground experiences, and allow the Lord to speak to and through us.
5 Building Values and Cultures Cities are melting pots of a myriad of values and cultures. How can we inspire and build positive and wholesome values in and through our spheres of influence to impact our personal,corporate, marketplace and community cultures?
6 Tapering the Wealth Gap How can the accelerating wealth gap be reduced and the poor be empowered? Interact with one another and specialist practitioners to share and gain in-depth insights on how to alleviate poverty and empower economically through livelihood projects, sustainable jobs, missional businesses, etc. Come make a Difference!
7 Weaving the Intergenerational Fabric Christian faith formation of the generations has been compartmentalized for too long. How can we change and bridge the current generational disconnect? As there will also be more elderly within urban cities, how can we creatively care for and bring the old and the next generation together in meaningful faith nurture dialogues and activities?
8 Becoming a Family of Purpose What does it mean to build a family of purpose? Join us to explore how our marriages and families can be purposeful in living out the Great Commission in the midst of a busy urban lifestyle. We will also discuss strategies for discipling our children and empowering them to become disciple-makers.
9 Transforming Paradigms in Education Honed in schools and tertiary campuses, education is vital as it shapes paradigms, mindsets and values. It is both the foundation and fountain of transformation! Come, let us engage in our different circles as students, educators, alumni and parents creatively to ignite and fan positive movements to impact cities!
10 Championing the Migrants Millions all over the world migrate in search of a better future. They are separated from their families and homes by the need for work, education, safety, security, and hope. Often they face diverse challenges, make major adjustments and have numerous needs. Come let us tangibly champion, show compassion and graciously empower them.
11 Creating Social Spaces for Work and Play Physical spaces inhabit human spirit and the urban environment can often be stressful and even dehumanizing. Come and be inspired by how we can create social spaces to nurture human bonds, relationships, make disciples of Jesus and facilitate meaningful experiences for work and leisure through creativity, sports and play.
12 Riding the Digital Wave Meet and engage with other digitally-minded folks who desire to use their creative, technical and strategic skills to make a significant impact for Jesus through innovation. Discover how you can apply your digital skills and talents towards missional projects. Come together with designers, writers, coders, marketing folks (and more!) to find digital solutions as God’s ambassadors.


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