• There are 55 TED-style workshops with breakout discussions and interactive Q&A sessions
  • They are organized into four tracks :
    • The Multicultural Mix
    • The Ministry Mandate
    • The Maturity March
    • The Megashift Mastery
  • Each track has an experiential workshop with twin journeys into different aspects of urban centres (marked with an asterisk *). For example - the 'Dip Culturally, Bridge Gaps!' workshop has twin journeys into the urban aspects of church planting and migrants; the 'Get Real, Be Creative!' workshop has twin journeys into the urban aspects of social issues and creative arts. 
  • 17 workshops have been specially identified for millennials, and these have been highlighted in orange in the listing.
  • Participate in two workshops per day.
  • At point of Registration, a Conference Participant must indicate a choice of up to seven preferred workshops, he/she would like to attend during the conference
  • The Conference Participant will then be notified of the confirmed four Workshops assigned before the start of the Conference. 
Code Topic Description
A1 Urban Outreach in Various Contexts Whilst cities have similar features, contextualisation is of utmost importance in urban outreach as religion, culture and social settings of a specific location must be seriously considered.    
A2 Building Bridges - Muslims & Secularists Understanding the worldviews and genuine needs of two fast growing communities in urban cities, the Muslims and Secularists (Atheists), empowers Christians to realistically build positive, tangible and genuine wholesome relationships with them to live harmoniously together as the Bible exhorts us to love our neighbours as ourselves
A3 Building Bridges - Hindus & Buddhists Appreciating the worldviews of Buddhism and Hinduism, two ancient faiths deeply rooted in the life of the people and cities of Asia, enables Christians to develop practical, sensitive and loving approaches to building strong relationships with adherents of these faiths so that together we can seek the welfare of the city.
A4 Keys To Cross Cultural Communication What is the essence of good cross-cultural skills? How can I prepare  to be a good cross-cultural worker? The main thrust of the workshop is to give you a perspective of looking at cultures, and a set of practical tools that you can use to progress into the "insider's" view of another culture.
A5 Essentials of Growing An Urban Church Come discover the fundamentals of growing an urban church, what are  its characteristics, the spiritual essentials required and the challenges faced.
A6 Discipleship in An Urban Context Explore effective discipleship making in the context of urban settings as you understand the advantages and challenges when faced with various urban needs. e.g. jobs, education, housing, life goals, etc.
A7 Inter-Faith Matters This workshop helps one understand the principles and fundamentals of how we can engage and share with people of other faiths in urban centres where the diversity of faiths is prevalent.
A8 Church Planting Models and Practices This workshop helps one appreciate and learn from a variety of church planting models and practices in the urban contexts. 
A9 Reaching and Discipling Migrant Workers There is a great influx of foreign workers in construction, manufacturing, and service sectors. How can we reach, disciple, and minister to them in ‘do-able’, practical and more effective ways?
A10 Reaching and Discipling International Professionals and Students More than a quarter million talented professionals and students come from all over the world and are at our doorsteps. With their busy schedules, heavy responsibilities and trying to integrate into the fabric of society here in Singapore, how can we sensitively reach out, engage and minister to their needs?
A11 Creating Migrant Friendly Spaces Internationals in Singapore have many challenges and needs ranging from the social, emotional, medical, physical to humanitarian. How can we be God's heart, hands, feet and face to them as we learn to care for them and create friendly spaces for them?
A12 General Migrant: Starter Kit This workshop will give an overview of initiating migrant ministries whilst equipping participants with pratical measures, strategies and models based on local case studies. Ideas will also be suggested how you can use current ministries in churches as a creative platform to reach out to the varied groups of migrants.
A13 Empowering Migrants: Upgrading Skills With interactive sharing, you and your church/agency will be better equipped to empower migrants through upgrading their skills or education level such that when they go back to their respective countries, they can earn a living whilst reaching out to pre-believers. Come and be equipped to start a ripple effect of God’s grace throughout the nations!
*A14 Dip Culturally, Bridge Gaps! This experiential workshop has twin journeys into the urban aspects of Church Planting and Migrants. It enables participants to have a real taste of dipping into a multicultural mix in different settings and understand what 'gaps' need to be bridged.
Code Topic Description
B1 Improving Living Condition of the Urban Poor One child dies every 2 minutes without clean water and proper sanitation. Growing urban population puts pressure on health, water and sanitation. How can the church minister in such contexts?
B2 Caring for the Invisible People Invisible people without homes, legal and identity status are common features of urban settings. How can we, both individuals and the church respond to their needs?
B3 Human Exploitation is Closer than You Think! Exploitation, abuse, human trafficking and violence against the poor have become the norm in urban areas. Learn about the realities and how the church can uphold social justice
B4 Addictions: I Can Live Without You The challenges of urban living can lead to many kinds of addictions (drugs, pornography, alcohol, gambling, etc.) Discover the underlying causes, the lethal hooks, and how to help someone break free of addictions.
B5 Reaching Those Who Are At Risk Two age groups that are increasingly at risk in cities are the lonely aged and the disgruntled youths involved with gangs. Understand the needs of these two very different groups and how to creatively reach them
B6 Say No to Corruption! When we do cross cultural missions, we often face ethical dillemmas. How can we navigate these tricky situations in godly ways without crossing the line?
B7 Restoring Dysfunctional Families in Cross-Cultural Context Stresses of urban living could lead to dysfunctionalities in families, especially in cross-cultural contexts. How can we sensitively minister to restore wholeness to broken families and bring the hope of Christ to them?
B8 The Arts Missionary: Oddity or Unicorn? What are unique features of an arts missionary? Come discover the different creative ways arts missionaries from Singapore and other missions fields have made a positive difference.
B9 Creativity and the Counter-Cultural Church Contemporary times demand creative and counter-cultural ways of reaching the community in an urban context especially the millennials.
B10 Presenting Christ in Every Culture The Creator made every person, regardless of ethnic or cultural identity, in His own image. How can artists help present Jesus and the good news cross-culturally?
B11 Worship Beyond Church Walls Worshipping God through the arts is about opening people up to His beauty and holiness. A song composer, graphic recorder, creative writer, and modern dancer share their experiences and lead a workshop to help you tap your own creativity in worship.
B12 Designing and Activating Social Spaces How can community spaces be creatively designed to uplift and nurture the Imago Dei and bless people through public art such as murals, drawing profiles, making cards, urban sketches, etc.
B13 Ministry to the Broken Spirit Through Art Effective ministry involve empathy to minister sensibly and sensitively to give hope to the suffering including disaster victims  through art/play therapy so that they become "truly alive in Christ".
*B14 Get Real, Be Creative! This experiential workshop has twin journeys into the urban aspects of Social Issues and Creative Arts. It enables participants to better appreciate what living in a slum entails and how through creative arts one can restore peace, bring healing, and fan unity into the community.
Code Topic Description
C1 Discerning God's Call How can we discern and know God's purposes & destiny for us? How can we live out Matt 28:18 and be part of God's team in His global missions?
C2 Doing missions as an educator There are plenty of short term opportunities and long term possibilities to do missions as educators. Come learn the joys and challenges of an educator in mission fields.
C3 E-Education For Students & Educators in Missions Teaching digital citizenship skills to students and tapping technology for the training of educators. This session will introduce a free tool that can be used in missions to teach values to children and will also highlight how technology can be used to support educator training overseas.
C4 Creative Teaching in a Cross-Cultural Context To reach out to students in a cross-cultural setting, it often takes creativity and innovation to integrate Kingdom values into the curriculum. Come and explore the different innovative approaches in this session.
C5 Empowering Indigenous Educators In order to sustain efforts put into missions,  it is imperative to have an intentional approach in equipping and mentoring indigenous educators. In this session, different approaches will be shared.
C6 School Planting : Shaping The Future of A Nation! Education is a good beachhead into a missions field and touches many lives. How can we pioneer and partner the development of Pre-Schools, Primary & Secondary Schools?
C7 Multi-lingual Education for the Minorities How do we contextualize educational programs and curriculum into a local context? This session introduces some ways that the language barrier could be overcome in reaching out to nationals through education.
C8 A Dream, A Talent, A Skill : Planting Training Centres! Impacting nations through education can be done through training centres as these develop the gifts and talents of people in nations. This session will feature different types of training centres such as languange, computer, beekeeping, etc. and how they contribute to the development of individuals.
C9 Sport Camps and Festivals: Contextual Connectors Understand what sport camps and sport festivals are and why they can be effective strategies. Discover how to run sport camps and festivals to serve young people in various contexts.
C10 Sports, the Catalyst for Community Outreach Explore ways to effectively engage the community through various sport strategies. Evaluate your current strengths and readiness to reach out to the community through sports and play.
C11 Reaching and Disciple-Making in and through the world of sports and play Learn how to reach campus students through sports and play and how to effectively disciple them for Christ using an effective tool - the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method.
C12 Influencing and Empowering the World of Sports Professional athletes, coaches and PE teachers play very significant roles in influencing the lives of those they inspire, lead and mentor. How can we care for and empower them to be used for God's missional purposes?
*C13 Wise Up, Sear Values! This experiential workshop has twin journeys into urban aspects of Education and Sports. It enables participants in a fun-filled way to imbibe and inculcate kingdom values through education, sports, and play so as to help others to wisely march on to maturity.
Code Topic Description
D1 The Key To Making Ends Meet! Livelihoods are essential to make ends meet and to put food on the table especially in urban centres. Hence, Social Entrepreneurships and Job Creation are critical. Come and learn from real life examples how these can be practically carried out.
D2 Restoring Dignity through Community Development In developing the economic aspects of a community, it is imperative to ensure that the dignity of the individual is preserved and restored, especially those who are more vulnerable or poor. Glean helpful insights from experienced practitioners in this session.
D3 Business for Transformation Business is both a God-given vocation and an institution in society. Business as transformation intentionally leverages this intrinsic power of business to address spiritual needs, hand in hand with social and economic needs.
D4 Building Livelihood Capacities in Urban Areas How do we empower locals to be more marketable and viable in urban centres? How can we increase their potential & opportunities to make a living?
D5 The Potential of Workplace Collaborations & Partnerships Partnership and networking among non-profit  organisations will create a huge social impact in the marketplace. How can we help build bridges among different organisations for greater collaboration and impact?
D6 Me, A Marketplace Mentor In The City? As leaders in the marketplace, we can be the influencers and life-shapers of those who work in urban centres by ministering and mentoring so that they can be salt and light. Come and see what these entail!
D7 Empowering Global Professionals The abilility to shape and enable professionals to live out their Christian values and model Christ in a very challenging world is a much needed skill. Learn how to help professionals maximize their full potential and shine for Jesus even as they work in the marketplace.
D8 Technology in the End Times The virtual world is both fast-moving and ever-changing. Technology has more influence on young minds than the Bible. How can we maximise the digital platform, engage the world, and make them disciples of Christ?
D9 Media and Missions In this session, you will learn how to make an impact for Jesus as a Media and Digital professional as well as be part of a Discipling Community and Network in the digital space.
D10 Harnessing The Digital Spaces Learn to understand social trends in gaming and digital spaces, and how to create media ministry opportunities to reach out to inhabitants of these digital spaces.
D11 #Jesus This session empowers young people to develop a personal digital strategy and how to harnesss this strategy for missional purposes.
D12 Reclaiming Discipleship from the Media Arguably digital media has outpaced traditional models of ‘discipling’, though it also comes with various challenges. In what ways can the church and parents reclaim their roles in discipling this digital generation?
D13 Rising Above Digital Addictions in Urban Centres Living in contemporary times entails going digital in various spheres of life. For some, indulgence in media could lead to digital addictions. Come and explore various strategies to help digital addicts rise above their situation.
*D14 Empower Livelihoods, Go Viral! This experiential workshop has twin journeys into the aspects of Livelihood and Digital Media, which bring about megashifts in urban centres. It enables participants to delve into digital communication with relevant tools as well as understand some mechanics of empowering urban poor with dignified means of livelihood.
Workshops in Orange are Recommended for Millennials
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