The vision of Singapore’s church reaches far beyond its shores. Some 365 Singaporeans serve overseas as short or long-term missionaries, said Alfred C.H. Yeo, (then) general secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore. Many go through international agencies like Operation Mobilisation, Youth with a Mission, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, SIM, International, and others.

Others participate in international church planting outreaches conducted by their own churches. Each year for the last three years, Calvary Charismatic Centre has deployed teams of young people on short-term church planting missions. About a third of the 160 people who have served on church planting teams in 13 countries are now preparing for or involved in full-time missionary service. The church currently supports 110 long- and short-term missionaries.

Despite the recession that is tightening the city’s belt, Christians are giving freely to missions and other ministry outreach. “OMF has had record highs in giving in Singapore.” said Benjamin Chew, retired medical doctor and (then) chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore. “The giving in Singapore for missions is unprecedented.”

What does this mean for the future? “I believe Singapore will become a Christian centre,” said Chew. Singapore Christians are more evangelistic than ever before. They are committed to spreading the gospel in Singapore, Asia, and throughout the world.

The city bears a striking resemblance, some leaders believe, to another famous city of 2,000 years ago. It is possible, they say, that Singapore could become a new Antioch – perhaps, the Antioch of Asia.

By Sharon E. Mumper
Extract of an article published in Pulse December 1986
A Christianity Today publication of the Evangelical Missions Information Service, Wheaton, Illinois, USA

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