Conference Schedule (Day 2)



by Bishop Rennis Ponniah

Theme Talk 2:

The Whole Church in The Whole World II:
Emerging Global Challenges

by Dr Samuel Lee

Panel Discussion 2:

How Can We Be Neighbours in Our Global Village?

with Dr Samuel Lee, Dr Hwa Yung, Dean Kuan Kim Seng, Mats Tunehag and Gregory Vijayendran

Lunch Break
8 missional Tracks
(Part 2)

Challenging the
Next Generation

with Desmond Koh, Martha John, Shiao-Yin Kuik, Ben Koh, Alan Wong, Pastor Paul & Barnabas Loh (Karen Gan as Facilitator)
Children and youth are our Mission Field as well as Mission Force. In an age of rising cynicism and pluralism, how are we developing faith in the Next Generation and inspiring Gen Y to reach and impact Gen Z & Gen A?

Creating Media For Missions

with Kurt Johansen, Rita Elmounayer, Brandon Myles Krause, Dr Andrew Goh & Victor Ng (Eugene Lim & Dorothy Ching as Facilitators)
In the 21st Century world of new media and cyberspace, everyone can now be a broadcaster. How can we then create compelling content with available media to creatively share the Good News in different parts of Asia and beyond? (This workshop involves an approval process during registration.)

Strategising for Asia's Megacities

with Datuk Edward Ong, Swee Kiang, Mats Tunehag, Tan Gee Paw, Prof. Ho Peng Kee & Tan Sian Lip (Timothy Liu as Facilitator)
Asia will see the rise of megacities in the next 20 years on an unprecedented scale. How do we influence policy makers, marketplace professionals and thought leaders to think strategically in shaping the new Urbanscape and the Society that inhabits it?

Serving the Urban Poor & Migrants

with Corrie De Boer & Team, Dr Raineer Chu, Dr Peter Nitschke & Tang Shin Yong (Rev. Yee Ching Wah as Facilitator)
One billion Asians are predicted to migrate to the cities by 2030, which means an accompanied explosion in urban population. Is the Church ready to provide transformational urban leadership to serve the poor and help their children break out of the poverty cycle?

Growing Holistic Missional Projects

with Dr Ken Gnanakan, Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel, Dr Paul Ananth TambyahPreacher William Heng (Dr Goh Wei Leong & Rev. Lam Kuo Yung as Facilitators)
Environmental crisis directly affects the poor in both rural and urban areas. How can we care for God’s creation and communities holistically as part of our missional responses to reach the poor? What are the sustainable models we need to explore for long-term impact through environmental, medical and educational missions?

Mobilising the Church For Global Missions

with Dr Vinay Samuel, Dean Kuan Kim Seng, Pastor Neo Ban Hui & Rev. Dr Ivan Liew (Rev. Dianna Khoo as Facilitator)
Mobilising Church members to reach their unique spheres of influence for the Gospel is a colossal task but a crucial step in missions. How can we empower Christians to reveal God’s love in every way, from private faith to the public square?

Raising & Sending 21st Century Missionaries

with Dr Tan Lai Yong, Dr Kelvin Chen, Pastor Andrew Chay & Lawrence Tong (Daniel Jesudason as Facilitator)
The mission fields are all around us. Besides unreached people groups, our immediate communities and cities in which we dwell are ripe for harvest. What will the missionaries of the 21st century look like? How can we effectively equip, send and support them as they go forth?

Developing Asian Missiology in Context

with Dr Ashok Kumar, Elder Eddie Chandra, Pastor Ramylal Fernando & Beram Kumar (Kimhong Hazra as Facilitator)
Is Christianity a Western religion? What do we do with our Ancestors? Asian mission fields are highly complex with a myriad of ethnicities, religions and political systems. How can we contextually communicate the gospel as Good News, especially for those with Asian worldviews? (This workshop involves an approval process during registration.)
Dinner Break

Evening Rally


Dr Patrick Fung

A call to all to participate in missions by responding missionally to the many pressing crises, challenges and opportunities, exploring how we the church can share in the fellowship of suffering with a world in pain and mobilise ourselves and each other to engage the whole world.

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