What is GoForth?

GoForth is part of the National Missions Movement in Singapore that challenges Christians to arise and fulfill the Great Commission, wherever they may be. GoForth aims to equip modern-day missionaries and inspire them to live lifestyles that reveal Christ to those around them.
The Whole Church bringing the Whole Gospel into the Whole World

We believe that all who are disciples of Jesus Christ are set on His mission of sharing God's love by proclaiming the gospel as well as living it out daily.


We envision revitalised local churches that have rediscovered God's mission for their lives and are compelled by Christ's love to reach out to communities in their "Jerusalems, Judeas, Samarias and the rest of the world" for His glory.



The GoForth Conference


The GoForth National Missions Conference is a triennial, interdenominational gathering of like-minded Christians from all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.


Equipping the GoForth generation


For 3 days every 3 years, conference attendees are equipped to be effective participants of the GoForth movement through thought-provoking keynote messages, an exciting conference curriculum and evening rallies by leaders in missiology.


The theme of GoForth 2014 is "The Whole Church in the Whole World".

The Whole Church in the Whole World

Calling the Whole Church

God's Mission to reach and restore the lost to His Kingdom through Jesus Christ is a mandate given not just to pastors, full-time church workers and missionaries. Every Christian, gifted and empowered by the Holy Spirit, is also called to mission and must be strategically equipped and mobilised.

Mission in our
Spheres of Influence

Mission work does not only refer to overseas trips to unreached people's groups. It also includes the work of a local church in its community. We must recognise that wherever God has placed us in our individual stations of life, that is where we begin our mission work. Each of us has friends, colleagues and communities that make up our immediate sphere of influence. GoForth aims to mobilise every member of the church - young and old, pastors and laymen, professionals and homemakers - to reach out to those in our spheres of influence for Christ. Collectively, with our many spheres of influence, we can do more as the Church.

Engaging the Whole World

The 21st Century has seen major shifts in the way the world works and thinks. We must proactively find new ways and create innovative strategies to reach the whole world with the gospel. The message is the same, but the world we are living in is changing very quickly. We must learn how to engage it wisely.

The Harvest
is Everywhere

God's message of hope and redemption is for every nation and ethno-linguistic group, people of every religious worldview and geographical location. This includes the urban dwellers in megacities and even Internet citizens on social media and digital spaces. We need Christians to be present in every possible mission field in the world today to touch lives with God's love.

Get Set. Reset. Go

The GoForth catchphrase marks the 3 internal movements that must
take place to redeem our Mission in missions.

Get Set

Think of a slingshot to be fired. Take a step back. Prepare yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally to be used by God within your sphere of influence, that is, your unique social network.


Recalibrate what you think missions is about, how you think it looks like. Understand that mission work can take on many forms and get equipped to effectively reach your own mission field.


It's time to intentionally live out the Gospel through your daily life. Reveal Christ to your world with your speech, actions and lifestyle. Rally other believers to do this with you.

Transformation in every arena will happen when Kingdom values saturate the world we live in by our words and works.
When the Whole Church of believers gets set, resets and goes forth on an individual level, we will reach the Whole
World on a global level as modern day missionaries.

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